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Floral interlude

The time has come again for a floral interlude in the vines at Château Palmer. As the flower buds disappear...

June 2019 – The time has come again for a floral interlude in the vines at Château Palmer. As the flower buds disappear, grape blossoms are discretely revealing themselves throughout the vine rows. Their perfume wafts through the air almost imperceptibly, so subtle and delicate are the aromas.

Though the flowering period is generally brief, spanning between 8 and 10 days, it is one of the most important stages in a vine’s life cycle. As hermaphroditic plants, simultaneously possessing both male and female reproductive organs, vine flowers pollinate each other: sometimes within the same flower, often between flowers of the same bunch, sometimes between bunches on the same vine, and sometimes even between neighbouring vines, with help from various species of insects and birds.

While carrying out the work of desuckering the vines, the vignerons and vigneronnes of Château Palmer become spectators of this natural evolution. Perfect weather conditions are necessary at the moment of flowering: sunny, dry and hot, between 18 and 25 ºC. Only then do the flowerhoods delicately open to reveal the pistils and stamens. Afterwards, the flowers will gradually disappear, giving birth to a multitude of tiny berries. However, should weather conditions be changing and less favourable, they can bring about flower abortion or couluring, causing an imperfect pollination of certain flowers.

The quality of flowering will be a first indication of the potential size of the coming harvest. Of course, this estimation isn’t set in stone, for the growth cycle of the vines continues. But today, this floral expression comes as a great bouquet of hope for Château Palmer... even if there’s still a way to go yet before the 2019 vintage is harvested!

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Château Palmer celebrate the work of Guy Le Querrec, with the exhibition Jazz de J à ZZ, presented from 19 January to 19 August 2019.
Château Palmer : Jazz de J à ZZ, Guy Le Querrec, exposition
The Estate


The heart of Château Palmer. Here in the Village, overlooking the great sorting hall, is where every wine is born and matures. In the shadow of stainless-steel vats and wooden barrels, the technical teams work with care and precision to exalt the vineyard while respecting its bounty. It is where innovation meets tradition – and the future wines of Château Palmer come to life.
Émile Parisien & his friends


For the 10th edition of Hear Palmer, Émile Parisien recounted, in music, the estate’s new vintage. And this time, with creative carte blanche.
Hear Palmer 2018

Carole Meredith

Professor Emerita of the University of California and Winemaker
Napa Valley, Calilfornie
She revealed to the world the origins of our principal grape varieties. Over the course of nearly 23 years in the Department of Viticulture...

"We’re very traditional in our farming practices. You could say we are “sensibly sustainable”. We don’t use herbicides and we apply only sulphur to our vines."

Carole Meredith, Professor Emerita of the University of California and Winemaker, Napa Valley, California