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Château Palmer’s wines. Its words. Different expressions of a single terroir, born of a common philosophy. Homages to a natural environment and to the traditions of an estate, over time they begin to resonate. Not with power, but with finesse, with elegance. With age, grand crus, the words of Château Palmer, take on ever greater meaning.


Blending and composing

The cellar master and his team are the composers of the Château Palmer wines. They conduct the various...

August 2019 - The cellar master and his team are the composers of the Château Palmer wines. They conduct the various stages of winemaking to showcase the wine's complexity and balance. In particular, they combine, or in other words, blend, several lots of grapes. 

The wines of each vintage are blended twice to achieve an ideal balance.

A few months after the harvest and before the en primeur tastings, the first blend is made, and our two wines are hereby created: Château Palmer and Alter Ego.

Each batch is put in barrel following fermentation. Ageing begins, during which each batch is tasted regularly to help us decide on the final blend. The winemakers choose the ideal proportions for the powerful and well-structured Château Palmer, and for the more spontaneous and fruity Alter Ego. Both wines feature a smooth, delicate structure, which is emblematic of the estate.

The wines are blended for the second time before bottling, i.e. after 20 to 22 months of barrel ageing. The aim is to produce homogeneous wines, that will then be put in vats again.

The team finished blending the 2017 vintage over the last few weeks, thus concluding the winemaking process. 

Like a score, the notes combine in harmony to create a beautiful piece of music. Composing has now come to an end, leaving room for endless interpretations when these bottles will be shared and enjoyed.

Château Palmer: 2017 vintage, cellar, blending, bottling
Château Palmer celebrate the work of Guy Le Querrec, with the exhibition Jazz de J à ZZ, presented from 19 January to 19 August 2019.
Château Palmer : Jazz de J à ZZ, Guy Le Querrec, exposition
The Estate


A history. Château Palmer's is a tale of the spirit, recounted in the lives of the Major General Palmer, the Pereire brothers, and continuing today through generations of the Mähler-Besse and Sichel families. Profiles in passion...
Palmer and its Alter Ego are red, but the fruit that makes them is not. Indeed,
through the seasons, it passes through a whole palette of different colours.

Firstly, chlorophyll green, the soft colour of recently set fruit.
Then, light to translucent green, like a necessary passage from one colour to another.
Followed by pink, red, then later, brown, as anthocyanins – natural pigments – begin their work, and under their sway, the grapes move towards blue.
Finally, plum blue, a sign that the grapes are ripe.
A daily tasting then decides their fate. Once they have been harvested, a new page begins, white as a spring bloom.


Pierre-Baptiste Cormery

Cellar worker
Château palmer, Margaux
Over the last five years, this thirty-something has taken part in all the different phases of vinification of every vintage at Château Palmer.
Château Palmer : Pierre Baptiste Cormery, chai, vin, barriques, millésimes, metal

"No vintage resembles the one before. This forces us to constantly question our practices, and prevents us from developing any automatisms. Our only guide is our palate."

Pierre-Baptiste Cormery, Cellar Worker, Château Palmer