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Château Palmer : Fil rouge, jazz, 2019
Between The Rows


The red thread. A theme, chosen annually, which guides us in structuring the year’s words and images, in curating our cultural events... in every expression emerging from the estate that lends meaning to our wines and to our daily lives alike.



2019… a year of note.
For at Château Palmer, jazz is in the air,
all the time, everywhere.

It crescendos in the spring when Hear Palmer begins,
but the rhythm never actually ends.
In vineyard rows, barrel cellars, and château halls,
wine and jazz go hand in hand.
Linked by consonance, and a grammar in common,
each is in constant evolution,
propelled by fresh interpretations and free improvisations.
They bridge an unforgettable past and an unpredictable present.

They seek a singular harmony and attain it in their own way,
 their success measured only
by the pleasure shared.


Châeau Palmer : jazz, fil rouge, 2019, château
Château Palmer : Fil rouge, jazz, 2019, 10 édition


10 Vintages, 10 Interpretations

A stone’s throw from the vines, in the heart of the village… It’s here, since 2010, that the blends of the vintage have expressed themselves for the first time. In the spring – in music. An event christened Hear Palmer.

Every year, on the eve of en primeur week, jazzmen are invited to offer their interpretations of the new vintages, live. Blue notes resound and applause rains down. 10 editions, 10 groups: Jacky Terrasson, Michel Portal & Yaron Herman, Giovanni Mirabassi, Glenn Ferris & Flavio Boltro, Lionel Belmondo Trio, Daniel Humair Quartet, Christophe Dal Sasso Big Band, Dan Tepfer & Thomas Enhco, Archie Shepp Quartet, Einar Scheving Quartet and, soon, Émile Parisien.

 The 29, 30 and 31 of March next, Hear Palmer blows out the candles on its 10th anniversary. A breath of inspiration anew.

Château Palmer : Jazz de J à ZZ, Guy Le Querrec, exposition
Guy Le Querrec

At Château Palmer, 2019 will be the year of jazz, marked by the 10th edition of our annual concert, Hear Palmer. A fine opportunity to celebrate the work of Guy Le Querrec, with the exhibition Jazz de J à ZZ, presented from 19 January to 19 August 2019 at Château Palmer.

At Château Palmer, 2019 will be the year of jazz, marked by the 10th edition of our annual concert, Hear Palmer. A fine opportunity to celebrate the work of Guy Le Querrec, with the exhibition Jazz de J à ZZ, presented from 19 January to 19 August 2019 at Château Palmer.
A member of the Magnum photo agency since 1976, this Parisian photographer with roots in Brittany has a passion for images dating back to his earliest days. Following in the footsteps of so many he admires – Marc Riboud, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Sergio Larrain – he travelled the world, producing landmark photo reportages.
In the life and oeuvre of Guy Le Querrec, music holds a special place. In turning his gaze often and freely across this universe, he has created some of the most celebrated snapshots of the 20th century, becoming internationally renowned for photographing the greatest living figures in jazz.
“Jazz – my ears, my heart, my emotions need it. Its cadences, its rhythms... And then there’s that crucial word: to practice a photography of improvisation.”
Documenting the lives of musicians through the decades, he also created his own shows, from “De l’eau dans le jazz” in 1983 to “Jazz comme une image” in 1993, during which images on a giant screen scrolled by, set to music played by a live jazz quartet composed of Michel Portal, Louis Sclavis, Henri Texier and Jean-Pierre Drouet. In 2011, he was invited to photograph Michel Portal and Yaron Herman during the second edition of Hear Palmer, held in the estate’s barrel cellar. This meeting marked the beginning of a lasting friendship between the photographer and Château Palmer.
“I seek to recount the lives of musicians, their voyages, their fatigue, their joys, their practice sessions, their solitude, their hopes.”
Guy Le Querrec, with modesty and generosity, infiltrates the lives of artists to capture a silence, a secret, a note… a pulse.
Archie Shepp, famous for the warm, lyrical sounds of his tenor, strolling through the streets of Paris; John Coltrane, this giant of the saxophone, hypnotising us from behind a simple television screen… Each image, taken in the heat of the moment by a master of rhythm, improvisation, and imagination, challenges the viewer in its own way.
The exhibition Jazz de J à ZZ by Guy Le Querrec may be seen during estate visits to Château Palmer, from 19 January to 19 August 2019. Length: 2 ½ hours - 70€ - Reservations by e-mail: chateau-palmer@chateau-palmer.com.

Miles Davis (trumpet). Concert by the Miles Davis Quintet with Wayne Shorter (ts), Chick Corea (p, keyboard), Dave Holland (b), Jack DeJohnette (dms). Paris Jazz Festival. Salle Pleyel, Paris. Tuesday 4 November 1969 ©Guy Le Querrec/ Magnum Photos

Archie Shepp, Paris, France, 9 november 1983 ©Guy Le Querrec/ Magnum Photos




Blue note

It’s a note so heavy with mood, it’s been lowered by a half step. A simple do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-ti is suddenly deepened by its addition, as are scores of blues and jazz, whose choruses it colours with melancholy. The Blue note.

A tone to delight the ear and eye, to widen one’s palate for self-expression.
This musical hue appears in wine too, from the shade grapes take upon ripening, to wine’s capacity, like jazz, to constantly reinterpret its heritage. To say nothing of its label… and at Château Palmer, that’s a deep Blue as well, almost black.

Which somehow makes this golden thread between wine and jazz all the more luminous.

Château Palmer : étiquette, bleu, blue note, Fil rouge