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chirurgien naresh joshi

Naresh Joshi

Ophthalmic Surgeon
Bupa Cromwell Hospital, London, UK
In the UK and across the globe, Naresh Joshi has built a reputation as one of the leading lights of his profession. A success founded on a rich story, dogged perseverance, and deep respect. A personification of so many values held dear at Château Palmer…

Why did you choose your speciality?

I come from a family of eye doctors, so it almost seemed inevitable. I am also a perfectionist and surgery around the eyes, both reconstructive and cosmetic, allows me to keep pushing myself to attain the highest possible standards. Twenty years ago I threw myself into a speciality that wasn’t popular, but is very much in vogue now.

chirurgien naresh joshi

What’s your daily routine?

Every day is similar but different. I operate most mornings and see patients most afternoons, but I also travel the world lecturing about and demonstrating my surgical techniques. With the help of others, I’m always learning more and looking for better outcomes. As a doctor I have to offer my patients care and compassion, and listen to them. I have to treat the individual, not just the disease.


Do you think you can compare the care you give to your patients to winemakers and their vines?

I do! I feel like we both work with terroir, because both the body and the earth have evolved for millions of years. We are all but passing visitors. In my profession, as in winemaking, those who respect this basic truth will reap the best results.


What do you most like about Château Palmer’s wines?

The estate’s respect for the terroir and the wines’ unique, instantly recognisable character. They have a consistent, elegant and restrained class.



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" I feel like we both work with terroir, because both
 the body and the earth have evolved for millions of years."
Naresh Joshi, Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon, Bupa Cromwell Hospital, London, UK


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What was your most memorable "Palmer moment"?

We’ve had a lot of them! Perhaps the most extraordinary, though, was a meal paired with magnums and bottles of 1959, 1961 and 1966 Palmer in the company of some wonderful people, including some from the estate.