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Time in the vineyard, time in the chai, time in the bottle
Every vintage carries with it the taste of time: the time that saw it being born and the time it took to reach full bloom. You need patience when dealing with a great wine like Château Palmer. It takes nearly two years from harvest to bottling. You can then give in to the delicious temptation of opening the newly delivered bottle, but you will be rewarded if you patiently put the bottle away for several years and even decades. Each Château Palmer vintage reaches maturity at a different time depending on the harvest and conditions of shipping and storage.

The information and impressions that we share with you in these tasting notes are merely guidelines and are not meant to replace your own experiences. The parameters of our vintages change from year to year, giving rise to a manifold collection of new, unique creations, all of which express the spirit of Château Palmer.

“Enjoy now. Taste out of curiosity. Let it age.”