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Characteristics of the vintage

Poor weather conditions in 1984 gave the vines very little chance to develop. Consequently, the wines are often charmless: hard and green and lacking in fruit.

The year began with warm weather in April, which prompted fast growth. Unfortunately, this growth was brought to a halt by heavy rain in May. Flowering in June was then too rapid, taking place in only 15 exceptionally hot days. The drastic fall in temperatures that followed inevitably lead to millerandage in the Merlot grapes.

Although the summer weather was fine and dry, torrential rain came in the middle of September and the vintage began as cyclone Hortense swept through the vineyards, thankfully causing relatively little damage.

Picking continued in better weather, but given the difficult conditions which had prevailed all year, the 1984 vintage could not hope to produce wines for long ageing.

Harvest dates: from 10/03/1984 to 10/13/1984


Cabernet Sauvignon: 65%
Merlot: 27%
Cabernet Franc: 6%
Petit Verdot: 2%


Tasting notes from Enrico Bernardo, 12/01/2011:

Garnet-red colour with some bricking.
Musky bouquet with overtones of cocoa powder, turmeric, and liquorice.
Not particularly pleasant on the palate with tough tannin and a slightly acidic aftertaste.
Not very well-focused and too old.

Tasting notes from Georges Lepré, 02/04/2009:

The intense color shows a clear evolution with numerous hints of orange.

The wine has a bouquet of ripe, macerated fruit. We can still detect aromas of spices, undergrowth and damp leaves, confirming without a doubt that the wine has aged.

Despite the muffled sensations, the quality of the fruit, the distinguished tannins and a certain freshness conserve a proud, yet modest, harmony. The short finish remains, despite all else, full of flavor.

This vintage should be enjoyed quickly. Given the poor weather conditions, it should be appreciated as the example of what terroir and knowledge can obtain against all odds.