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Characteristics of the vintage

The year began with a cold, damp spring. This lead to delayed, irregular flowering and widespread coulure in the Merlot grapes. There was more rain in July and in spite of hot weather in August and September, the vines never made up for lost time.

The harvest began late and the cold and damp conditions returned just as picking began.

Somewhat thin and acidic, the 1980s are similar in style to the 1960s and have, in general, reached maturity quickly. However, strict selection and talented winemaking did allow certain properties to produce supple wines with good colour and fine aromas.

Harvest dates: from 10/10/1980 to 10/23/1980

Ageing potential

2015. In decline.


Tasting notes from Enrico Bernardo, 12/01/2011:

Brick-red colour with orange highlights.
Notes of forest floor, mushroom, mint, soy, liquorice, and red fruit jam on the nose.
Very pleasant and well-balanced on the palate, as well as more complex than the 1981. Fresh, but a little short on the finish.

Tasting notes from Georges Lepré, 02/04/2009:

The intense ruby color contains reddish-brown tinges.

The moderately intense bouquet announces a classic evolution. It develops around notes of jammy black fruits, nuts, earth, moss and musk.

Resting on a modest structure of soft tannins, the body shows nice fruit and light acidity. Its finish is short, and somewhat dry, despite the fruity aspect.

Today, the wine is not lacking in charm. The terroir cannot save the difficult vintage: if it has not already been enjoyed, it should be opened out of curiosity and served with a grilled veal scallop.