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Characteristics of the vintage

After a slow start to the growing period, the vines benefited from excellent weather conditions throughout the year. June was fine and warm and July brought hot, dry weather with only the occasional and welcome downpour.

The hot weather in September, which continued right through the harvest, meant that the grapes were concentrated and had reached optimum maturity by the time they were picked.

These near perfect conditions resulted in a truly remarkable vintage, often considered to be one of the greatest years between 1961 and 1982.

Château Palmer's superb terroir is seen at its best in this vintage : the wines are rich, fruity and concentrated with good balance. Over the years, they have acquired depth and show remarkable length and finesse.

Harvest dates: from 09/26/1970 to 10/16/1970


Merlot: 44%
Cabernet Sauvignon: 31%
Petit Verdot: 16%
Cabernet Franc: 9%

Ageing potential



Tasting notes from Enrico Bernardo, 12/01/2011:

Limpid, garnet-red colour.
Spicy, elegant, fruity bouquet with blackberry, cherry, and black pepper nuances.
Fabulous on the palate: well-balanced, round, and caressing. Silky tannin. A true surprise!

Tasting notes from Georges Lepré, 02/04/2009:

Superb, mature ruby colour, shot through with brick-red tints.

The nose is fresh and complex with scents of liquorice, spices, prunes and earthy notes combining to form a harmonious bouquet.

On the palate, the wine is delicate showing medium body and fine balance. With age, the tannin structure has become soft and silky, perfectly underpinning the aromatic complexity that is so typical of Palmer.

The finish is long and elegant with subtle notes of mint and vanilla.

Press Review, Jeff Leve, 11/08/2012
« With older wines, it's always a gamble. Fortunately, this bet paid off in spades! With a perfume that deserves to be bottled and sold, due to its floral, truffle, tobacco, cassis, earth, cigar box, cherry and spice scented nose, the wine really took off on the palate. Sensuous, soft, sexy, silky textures and a beautiful, ripe, sweet, tobacco and cherry finish made this a stellar tasting experience. Splash decanted moments before serving, the wine remained at the same high level for 2 hours. It might have stayed in the sweet spot longer, but that was about as much savoring as we were able to do, with a wine that delicious. »

, George SAPE, 01/11/2010
« One of the better ‘70s, this wine opens with a deep sweet nose showing lots of perfumed black cherry, blackberry aromas, smoky and intense with earthen and sour mash aromas; smooth and ripe in the mouth with pure crystalline flavors; mostly red fruits at this time, with the black fruit flavors now in remission but the wine does not lose any of its balance as a consequence; the flavors are now drier and more focused than when this wine was younger, but the wine retains a freshness and focus that is surprising at this age.  », Jancis ROBINSON, 01/01/2007
« A very magnificent wine with much more fruit and charm than many 1970 bordeaux. Real life and luxuriousness of lacy texture. Very complete. More solid and substantial than the 1975, and purer too. Very sweet and smooth even at 36 years old and far from decrepit. A fine representative of both vintage and commune. », Gary Walsh, 01/01/2006
« Magnificent old Bordeaux nose. Slightly dusty with intense blackcurrant, capsicum, mineral, licorice root and cedar. Beautifully poised and balanced this is a very exciting wine. The fruit is still sweet and the tannins are fine and resolved. Incredible condition this wine. »

La Revue du Vin de France, Roberto Petronio, 03/01/2005
« Palmer atypique, avec une forte proportion de petir verdot. Palmer exotique, aux senteurs de fumée, de mine de crayon, de menthol, de beurre et de jus de viande. Un Palmer complet, dynamique, tendu, frais, transcendé par le temps qui rend grâce à ce terroir d'un raffinement peu commun. L'élégance et l'aristocratie médocaines.  »

Prestige, Jen Shek Voon, 02/01/2004
« The wine shows off the light brick-red tinge of a matured Bordeaux with a nose that is full of spicy liquorices and earthy notes to give a harmonious bouquet. On the palate, the wine is finely balanced with the soft silky tannins and a medium-body and elegant finish so typical of a wonderful Palmer.  »

Rogov's Ramblings, Daniel Rogov, 10/01/2002
« I have tasted this remarkable wine six times in the past and this is the first time that I have felt that the wine is coming fully its own. Deep royal purple towards garnet, this full bodied and intense wine shows layer after layer of black fruit, tobacco, licorice and cigar box aromas and flavors, all with an overlay of ample but remarkably smooth tannins. With a finish that goes on seemingly forever, the wine is drinking beautifully now but promises to continue to cellar comfortably for another decade or longer.  »

Quarterly Review of Wine, M. Boyle, 02/01/2002
« "1970 was a grand year, and this 32-year-old wine, incredibly, was still fresh, still teasing with complexity and layers of flavors, chiefly of spice, prunes, cassis, and earthiness".  »