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Characteristics of the vintage

April was a fine month and even though vine growth then slowed down somewhat in May, when flowering took place in June, weather conditions were perfect. Exceptionally good dry, hot weather continued throughout July and August for the véraison.

It was consequently disappointing when September brought cooler weather and rain, which resulted in uneven ripeness.

In cases where prevention was not possible, the onset of disease pushed growers to pick early and much harvesting took place in the wet.

Although volumes were high, the grapes were not at perfect maturity and were often diluted by the rains. The resulting wines tended to be light in structure and unbalanced. Only properties which carried out draconian sorting and selection were able to produce round, elegant, early-maturing wines.

Harvest dates: from 09/25/1967 to 10/09/1967

Ageing potential

2015+. To drink now.


Tasting notes from Enrico Bernardo, 12/01/2011:

Bricking on the rim with an orange hue.
Still fresh on the nose with candied fruit and spicy aromas. Characterful bouquet.
Tannic and fresh on the palate thanks to good acidity. Generous, warm aftertaste. Showing better than the 1969.

Tasting notes from Georges Lepré, 02/04/2009:

Although the colour is clearly showing its age, it is still fairly deep.

While not very concentrated, the nose is rather complex with overtones of forest floor, mushroom, and liquorice.

Starts off very smooth on the palate going on to show firm tannins that provide good structure as well as a slightly austere aftertaste.

Press Review

The Wine Review of France, 06/01/2001
« This is a little cloudy, and the colour has aged a lot. The dominant aromas are of dried orange peel, fruit in alcohol and Havana tobacco. The texture in the mouth is satin-like with very intense evolved fruit flavours. This has some flesh to it, and the acidity is alive and present. The finish is long and finely spiced.  »

The Wine Advocate, Robert Parker, 12/01/1996
« Le 1967 de Palmer est une révélation de ce millésime… un vin qui, loin d'être puissant et massif, incarnait au contraire la quintessence de l 'élégance… Il s'est toujours révélé charmeur, léger, mais délicieux. Il ne serait pas conseillé d'attendre ce millésime plus avant, mais je suis certain que les plus grands noms, tels …. et peut-être même Palmer, se garderont 5 à 10 ans encore.  », Franck Dubourdieu, 12/01/1995
« bon »

, Michael Broadbent, 12/01/1990
« Parmi les meilleures bouteilles, un très agréable 67. »