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Characteristics of the vintage

A truly outstanding vintage and the first to be qualified as “the vintage of the century”.

Flowering took place in excellent conditions thanks to fine, mild weather in spring. July was hot and dry with exceptionally high temperatures. The dry weather continued in August and this led to widespread vine stress. As a result, the ripening process slowed down considerably until some welcome rainfall came in mid September. Throughout the harvest the weather remained fine and dry.

1959 was a hot, dry year that produced powerful, full-bodied wines. They are rich and opulent in style, with intense colour and low acidity.

Harvest dates: from 09/21/1959 to 10/07/1959


In this vintage, Palmer achieved high levels of alcohol and acidity. This combination endowed the wines with long ageing potential, which has allowed them to mature slowly over the years and offer much pleasure today.

Although the colour has now turned to amber it is still deep and the nose presents a fine bouquet characterised by scents of spice and tobacco.

The palate is elegant, almost sensual, with delicate floral notes and the finish is fresh and aromatic.

Those who have had the patience to let this wine age will be richly rewarded.

Press Review, Eric Levine, 06/01/2006
« Smoky, sultry, WOW what a nose!!! Mmm, the palate entry is spicy, cedar, some Asian Five Spice, very sharp and intense. And as intense as it was when you first sipped it, this was utterly seamless across the palate, unreal, just unreal texture. This was my preferred wine of the flight, and wow what a treat!!!

The Vine, Clive Coates, 04/01/2004
« Superior to Château Margaux itself, which is elegant, refined and fragrant, though now showing a bit of age, is Palmer, another of the stars of the vintage. This is a wine of great finesse and complexity, a lovely subtle, fruity, velvety bottle, which still has a fine future ahead of it.
Medium-full, mature colour. Splendidly rich, complex nose. This is even better than Château Margaux, good as it is. It is richer, fatter and more old viney. Though the colour is less intense, this is more profound and more vigorous at the end. Super. »

Engagement, JNT, 01/01/2001
« The 59 is an interesting bottle. The two I have were bottled in the UK (as I believe was common practice during that time). We opened this one to celebrate our engaugement.
After decanting and blowing off the usual old wine funk smell this wine opened up after about 30 minutes in the glass to reveal Palmers trademark floral notes- with hints of fruit and subtle nuances of terroir in the background-mushrooms, grains, etc., a wonderful balance across the palate incorperated with a stable/soft tannins...followed by a lengty finish of about 25 seconds. This is one of the most outstanding Palmers I have had. It has the guts to last another 30 years easily. If only I could find more. »

Bordeaux Total, René Gabriel, 12/01/1998
« Un rouge rubis clair d'une évolution moyenne. Au nez un grand Bourgogne, des dattes, des cynorrhodons. En bouche fin juteux, mais plutôt mince et accentuant sur la finesse, une finale virevolante.  »