Check the authenticity of your bottle of Château Palmer or Alter Ego.

The rare and exceptional nature of Palmer has led us to tighten the authentication and protection procedures for our wines.
That is why we decided to use the Prooftag system from now on for all bottles of our wine.

Starting with the 2009 vintage, every bottle of Château Palmer and Alter Ego will have an authentication seal affixed by the estate before shipment. This seal includes all information pertaining to the bottle in question, which is now registered in a database accessible to consumers.


1 - The presence of this intact seal on an undamaged capsule means that the bottle was not opened after it left the château and that the contents actually match the label.
2 - This seal consists of a Bubble TagTM* corresponding to a unique identifier for each bottle, associated with an alphanumeric code and a QR code.


In order to validate that your bottle is authentic, compare the Bubble TagTM with the one registered on the Château Palmer web site.

Enter the code of the bottle to authenticate:

You can also access the Bubble TagTM registered at the Château by scanning the QR Code (photo of QR Code) with your smartphone using the application of your choice (Mobiltag, i-nigma, i-proof, etc.)

In case of problems with this authentication, please contact us:
- by e-mail:
- by telephone: +33 (0)5 57 88 72 72

* Bubble TagsTM consist of a translucent polymer with bubbles randomly self-generated in the middle due to a physical reaction.
This constellation of bubbles is absolutely unique. It forms the identity of each bottle and defines a sole possible identifier.